Apply for Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant

How to Apply for Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant


Many high school students look forward to graduating and getting straight into college. However, some find that those dreams are harder to attain due to financial constraints. Some students make the decision to work for a few years in order to save money for college later, but a lot of them never actually go back to school in the end.

The need for financial aid should not stand between you and a college degree. Those who believe that there’s no way they could ever pay for such an education may actually be better off than those who have money stored away to pay for tuition. The greater your need for financial aid, the more grants and scholarships you will be eligible for.

Potential students who find themselves lacking enough money to attend college may be eligible to receive federal grants like the applying for the Pell Grant or applying for FSEOG. These are grants that do not have to be paid back, and they come straight from the government. In order to apply for a Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, all you have to do is fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is a requirement for most loans and grants. The FAFSA is a tool that tells financial aid administrators exactly how much money you and your family make, and it calculates what your expected family contribution might be. It must be filled out each year to determine your eligibility for financial aid.  The FSEOG application should be made very early, as these funds are very competitive and are given out on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The FSEOG program is intended to supplement other financial aid for those who have a very significant need. Students with the lowest expected family contributions are considered for FSEOG grants. The amounts awarded range from $100 to $4,000 per year. Those who have the most significant need may receive the full amount. Others who have already received a good amount of aid or who might have family to help contribute to their tuition will receive smaller amounts. Money will be disbursed either to you in check form, or it may be sent to you school’s Bursar, who will then apply it toward your tuition.

It is important to fill out your FAFSA to apply for the FSEOG as soon as possible. With the growing number of people realizing that there is money out there that will allow them to attend college, grant money goes pretty quickly. If you are awarded an amount through FSEOG, be sure to keep your FAFSA up to date, as you are not automatically guaranteed to receive this grant every year.  Watch the FAFSA site to find application deadlines every year.